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The following are some of the upcoming games that other people are currently predicting and simulating with our tool.


Which sports are covered?

MLB Predictions

There are many ways to bet on an MLB game. The majority of our MLB predictions will be from the Money Line, Run Line, or Run Totals markets.

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NBA Predictions

We have the best NBA predictions including moneyline predictions, over/under predictions and point spread predictions.

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NFL Predictions

All of our NFL predictions on the three main markets (Money Line, Spreads & Totals) with game statistics accompanying each individual NFL prediction.

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NHL Predictions

All of our NHL predictions on the three main markets (Money Line, Spreads & Totals) with game statistics accompanying each individual NHL prediction.

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NCAAB Predictions

Our college basketball predictions include a prediction on which way the spread will end, as well as which side of the over/under points totals we like.

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NCAAF Predictions

All of our NCAAF predictions on the three main markets (Money Line, Spreads & Totals) with game statistics accompanying each individual NCAAF prediction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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At launch, ATS Wins is entirely free for all users. In the future, we intend to offer a $29.99 monthly subscription plan for comprehensive sports coverage and exclusive features.

Yes! ATS Wins is free for all users at launch, allowing everyone to fully experience our range of services at no cost.

We cover a variety of sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA games, offering in-depth analysis for each major league.

While we aim for the highest accuracy with our AI-driven predictions and expert analyses, we encourage users to consider our insights as one of several tools in their decision-making process.

We do not guarantee winnings. Sports betting is inherently uncertain, and we advocate for responsible gambling, suggesting our insights be used as part of a balanced betting strategy.

We provide real-time updates, ensuring you have access to the latest data and odds at all times.

Your free subscription can be easily canceled at any time through your account settings on the website or app.

Absolutely. We use advanced encryption and security measures to protect your personal information.

Yes, we offer dedicated customer support through email and live chat for all your queries and assistance needs.

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Our service is for users aged 18 and above and should be used in accordance with local sports betting laws.

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